70 x 50 cm, Acryl on canvas

An empty beach on the sunset has it’s own charm with the bright sunset skies, lonely sun umbrellas and evening shadows. The sea is rather calm with just slight waves reflecting the magical sunset skies. It is warm and quet; nobody is there to see the magic of the evening clowds show.

This scene was inspired by my visit in Crete, where sunsets are truly magnificient and the beaches are long and sandy.

While painting it I was listerning primaraly Indian mantra (Om Saraswati, The Mantra of Chenrezig, Vajra Guru mantra and others) and a little bit of Gipsy Kings.

Frame is not needed, side is painted, see example here.

The original is available for sale upon request. Price: € 200 incl vat. Post & package fees vary. Please contact me for details.

The limited amount of high quality giclee prints on canvas or paper is also available in a variety of sizes.  It is a limited edition, only 50 prints will ever exist.

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